COVID-19: Current BCP measures maintained until February 18

Current measures maintained for the next three weeks (until February 18):

•    Working from home for research teams: all staff who are able to work from home are asked to do so for one day a week, in agreement with their manager; this measure also applies to operational and technical support staff for scientific research;

•    Working from home for eligible administrative and support staff: the rule continues to be 3 days working from home each week (up to 4 days possible; one day a week must be spent on campus), with a rotation system organized by managers;

•    In-person meetings and social gatherings are suspended until further notice;

•    Thesis defenses: the only external attendees allowed are thesis committee members;

•    Strict compliance with hygiene and distancing measures, including wearing masks outdoors – this measure is maintained for the time being given the high numbers of people on campus;

•    Particular caution should be exercised when eating.

With this latest message, the BCP Committee would like to inform you about the protective measures that will be applicable on campus over the coming weeks in view of the latest developments in the COVID-19 epidemic.

Bearing in mind the timetable for the progressive easing of measures announced by the French government for the next few weeks, the BCP Committee has decided to maintain all the measures in force on campus (at rue du Docteur Roux and the Hearing Institute sites) for the next three weeks, until February 18.

The number of daily infections remains at a very high level in France, although there has been a first fall in numbers in the Greater Paris region in recent days – to be confirmed. The number of cases reported by Institut Pasteur staff has risen fivefold since December.

Since the number of people coming onto campus remains high, we would ask you to continue to comply strictly with the measures in place since January. These measures concern working arrangements, hygiene and distancing measures, meetings, access restrictions and all activities on campus. Details of all these measures can be found on the Webcampus home page: (here).

We are aware that these decisions are not easy, but protecting the health of staff and maintaining the Institut Pasteur's activities are two priorities for our research and public health missions.

Between now and February 18, the BCP Committee will reassess the measures in light of the changing health situation.

Many thanks for your patience and your continued cooperation.

Best regards,

The BCP/PBRP Committee