BIP : The Institut Pasteur Newsletter, November 27, 2020


November is always a difficult month of the year before winter comes and this year is no exception as we have been impacted by curfews, lockdown & COVID-fatigue as well. Presently, the COVID-19 situation seems to be improving, so let’s hope the next government announcement is positive.


To help us all keep in touch during this difficult time, we want to offer you support in several ways, depending on your needs, profile, situation and the specific issues you are dealing with.This week we take a look at the support and development measures introduced to help each and every one of you get through this unprecedented period. 

Scientific events

The Scientific Secretariat General compiles information on the week’s conferences and publications, patents, funding opportunities, job vacancies, training and events that you may find useful for your career...


The Women and Science project, a key part of the Strategic Plan, was set up to encourage the representation of female scientists at the Institut Pasteur and increase the number of women in positions of scientific responsibility.


The 52nd meeting of the Institut Pasteur International Network Council of Directors was held last week. Because of the extraordinary events this year, the latest meeting took place entirely on a remote basis.