BIP : The Institut Pasteur Newsletter, September 18, 2020


A general meeting was held for all staff yesterday, Thursday September 17. This meeting, organized by the senior management team, was attended by 700 Institut Pasteur employees, either in person in the CIS auditorium in compliance with the maximum occupancy limit under the current health regulations, or remotely via Teams.


On Friday September 11, Paris Match journalist Gaëlle Legenne and photographer Virginie Clavières visited the Institut Pasteur campus to meet a multidisciplinary team working to tackle COVID-19 which recently visualized the virus and produced startling colorized images showing it in clear detail.


The ceremony that traditionally marks the anniversary of Louis Pasteur's death will be held at noon on Monday September 28, 2020. Given the current health situation and the recommendations for public gatherings, Stewart Cole, President, accompanied this year only by the members of the Senior Management Board, will pay tribute to Louis Pasteur in a speech at the Pasteur Museum, in the hall in front of the entrance to the crypt.



Scientific events

The Scientific Secretariat General compiles information on the week’s conferences and publications, patents, funding opportunities, job vacancies, training and events that you may find useful for your career...


This event organized by the Scientific Council is an opportunity to find out how research and knowledge are progressing in a specific field. It is also a way of establishing links between research issues and the broad scientific topics that are explored during the events. These unique lectures are aimed at the entire Institut Pasteur community.

Human resources

As part of ongoing efforts to digitize its processes, the Human Resources Department has introduced a system of online requests for absences during core working hours (APF) via the HR portal. From now on, staff on the flexitime system should request their APF absences via the HR portal, in the same way as their paid leave requests.