Human resources

Appraisals and career development reviews to end on January 31, 2022

The appraisals and career development reviews has begun and will run until January 31, 2022.

Appraisals and career development reviews – main points to remember

- Appraisals and career development reviews apply to all staff at the Institut Pasteur, except for those on fixed-term contracts of less than 6 months, PhD students and contract workers, and post-doctoral fellows (although post-doctoral fellows may specifically request an appraisal and career development review).

- As in previous years, the appraisals will be based on the online forms available via the Career Portal (Talentsoft). New this year: the forms have been made more user friendly, with an interactive menu that offers quick access to the different features and makes it easier to switch between sections.

Planning appraisals and career development reviews


- The Human Resources Department would like to draw your attention to the fact that this year's campaign has started on November 22 and would encourage you to begin scheduling sessions well in advance. Make sure you allow enough time for an in-depth discussion: an hour and a half is a good guideline.

- Given the rapidly worsening epidemic situation, we would recommend holding these appraisal meetings remotly via Teams. If it's not possible they can also be held in person in compliance with hygiene and distancing measures.


Helping you get started


•    Your local HR contact is available to answer any questions you may have and provide support and guidance.

•  Further details about appraisals and career development reviews (a guide, FAQ and practical instructions) can be found on this Webcampus page.

• If you have any questions about the Career Portal and the appraisal forms, contact