Publication of the Institut Pasteur's Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

As part of its commitment to gender equality in the workplace, the Institut Pasteur has recently adopted a Gender Equality Plan (GEP). The GEP is a new step aimed at strengthening the Institut Pasteur's policy for equality, diversity and inclusion.





The GEP is an official document that sets out a series of commitments and specific actions to promote equality in the workplace at the Institut Pasteur.

The European Commission has made having a GEP an eligibility criterion for research teams wishing to respond to calls for proposals issued under the Horizon Europe framework program.

The Institut Pasteur's GEP represents a collaborative effort and particularly draws on

-    the experience gained and the many initiatives implemented since 2019 in connection with the "Women and Science" project;

-    the results of an extensive internal survey conducted in 2021 among scientists and engineers at all stages of their careers, to gage perceptions on gender equality and especially to identify factors that might be hindering career development for female scientists;

-    a commitment to continued improvement and to extending the strategy to the entire Institut Pasteur community.




In keeping with the requirements of the Horizon Europe framework program for research and innovation, the Institut Pasteur's GEP is based around six main objectives, identified among the areas for improvement:

•     Raise awareness of gender equality and unconscious bias;

•     Improve work-life balance and change practices;

•     Improve gender balance in governing roles;

•     Work towards gender equality in recruitment and career progression;

•     Promote and support the inclusion of a gender dimension in research and innovation;

•     Tackle abusive behavior of a sexist and sexual nature, including sexual harassment.

The objectives have been broken down into 17 specific actions that are outlined in the official document.




The GEP actions are aimed at the entire Institut Pasteur community.

The work that began in 2019 with a multidisciplinary scientific working group will continue this year with the involvement of staff in support roles, thereby reflecting the full diversity of the Institut Pasteur.

The action plan will run over a two-year period, from 2022 to 2023. Regular updates will be published in the newsletter to keep the campus informed about the latest progress.




Download the GEP – official document

Consult the Webcampus page on gender equality

See the official page at pasteur.fr