Institut Pasteur, partner of the "Antibiotic Resistance and One Health" university diploma

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is currently a major public health problem that causes 1.3 million deaths each year worldwide. AMR is a cross-sectoral issue for humans, animals and the environment, so tackling it requires a cross-cutting "One Health" approach involving professionals working in human, animal and environmental health.

Since 2021, as part of its large-scale Investing in the Future Plan, France has been funding a professional community network on AMR known as PROMISE. Led by Inserm and sponsored by the University of Limoges, it involves all the professionals, stakeholders and associations working to tackle AMR in France. Its members include the Institut Pasteur, which is contributing through its extensive teaching material on the subject.

One of the pledges made by the PROMISE network was to establish a university diploma (DU) in January, the only one of its kind in France, entirely online and dedicated to antimicrobial resistance and the topic of One Health. The aim is to address the lack of training in these two areas for an audience of professionals from the three sectors (human, animal and environmental health).

Sponsored by the University of Limoges in partnership with the University of Tours and the Institut Pasteur, the "Antimicrobial Resistance and One Health Approach" DU is now up and running. Registration is open until April 30 for the first 2023 session of the online course, which will take place from April 1 to September 30, 2023. The Institut Pasteur is offering two of its MOOCs from the DNM2IP (Institut Pasteur global online diploma in infectious diseases) as teaching resources for the diploma: Resistance to Antibacterial Agents and Modeling infectious diseases. The first MOOC has been completely redesigned to incorporate the One Health dimension of the PROMISE project.   

Some key figures about the diploma

-    7 modules for initial and continuing education
-    31 speakers
-    110 hours of remote learning, 100% online
-    2 MOOCs as additional teaching resources


Target audience  

The diploma is aimed at professionals working in human, animal or environmental health (practitioners, coordinators, managers and scientists) and individuals with a background in political science.

By the end of the training, participants should have: 

• A better understanding of the One Health dynamic of antimicrobial resistance

• An understanding of One Health systems

• Knowledge of best practices in the use of antibiotics and infection prevention and control

• Knowledge of where to find useful information to identify local epidemiological trends and adapt practices accordingly

• An ability to introduce and implement solutions to improve practices

• An ability to communicate about the results of measures adopted (especially at political level)

See the dedicated space at to find out more about the diploma and sign up